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OC Housing didn’t wilt this summer…

by davesingery September 12, 2016 Fullerton Real Estate Market Update

It doesn’t look like Orange County housing wilted in the summertime heat.  Late August market data show trends that seem to generally stick to the 2016 theme- buyers are largely ignoring frustratingly low inventories of existing homes for sale and buying at a modestly faster pace – often at modestly higher prices.  A strong local […]

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HELOC Payment Shocks Over the Next Two Years

by davesingery September 8, 2015 ca events

More Than Half of Current HELOCs Facing Payment Shocks Over the Next Two Years.  Home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) originated during the housing bubble years of 2005 to 2007 have either reached or will soon reach their 10-year “end of draw” period, at which point borrowers will face a payment shock that may cause […]

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How much house, or how little, does $1 million buy in Orange County?

by davesingery February 12, 2014 ca events

Paul Crane stood in the bedroom doorway of a home for lease one block from the ocean on Newport Beach’s Balboa Peninsula. The bedroom could easily fit inside a typical walk-in closet in this city. But the residence itself is only 534 square feet. “What we would consider a bedroom is maybe not what they […]

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5 Things to Know When Looking for Home Owners Insurance

by davesingery February 11, 2014 ca events

Homeowners need to have a home insurance policy in order to protect their homes as well as personal property. Those who rent require insurance to protect their furniture and personal belongings. Understanding the coverage can help you get the most out of your home insurance if you ever make a claim. Most home insurance policies […]

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What are the closing costs I always hear about with mortgages?

by davesingery January 28, 2014 ca events

One of the most frustrating experiences in buying a home is the shocking amount of fees paid to people you’ve never heard of and for things you didn’t know you’d need and certainly didn’t expect to pay for. When you buy a home or refinance your mortgage, you should expect to pay a plethora of […]

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Let’s Predict Housings Fate

by davesingery January 27, 2014 fullerton

You’ve seen the 2013 year-end results. You’ve read the 2014 forecasts. You also know that virtually no guru even closely predicted last year’s surprisingly strong market. So why don’t you do your own Orange County real estate forecast? “How?” you might ask. As a public service, I’ve prepared my Forecast Machine – a handy-dandy and […]

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What came of 21 luxury foreclosures in 2013

by davesingery December 9, 2013 ca events

Despite an overall drop in foreclosures, big-ticket homes in Orange County are still going back to banks. Some distressed homes valued at $2 million and up have yet to hit the market. But they may show up soon. “We have just recently been hearing from real estate agents and others on the frontlines there are […]

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Short Sale Changes Ahead

by davesingery December 9, 2013 fullerton

This week I want to discuss some of the short sale policy changes that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be initiating next year, starting on Jan. 10. Apparently, these mortgage giants are looking to expand the help they provide to homeowners considering a short sale or a deed in lieu of foreclosure. Here are […]

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by davesingery December 4, 2013 ca events

There is a learning curve with everything we learn in life. Mistakes are what usually separate those who succeed and those who move on to other ideas. Sometimes it is luck or a mentor that saves an individual from those ever-present land mines. Sometimes it is reading an article that connects with them. Hopefully reading […]

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by davesingery December 4, 2013 fullerton

If you have any questions about buying or selling a home, please give us a call TODAY!!

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